Woman touching soybean plants at sunrise

Innvictis Seed Solutions tests products locally and selects based on local needs.

We offer products that have been screened for multiple micro-environments that deliver the best disease resistance with top-end yield. We conduct 200+ strip trials, work with academic experts to evaluate performance and analyze grower field trials planted in real-world environments. This allows our seed professionals to help you place hybrids and varieties with precision accuracy. Innvictis Seed Solutions is committed to bringing growers the best quality seed.

Innvictis Seed Solutions offers today’s latest trait technologies to protect your seed for maximum performance. Innovation in trait technology allows growers to unlock more yield potential from their seed.

Our Sustainability Priorities


We are committed to protecting our environment through the responsible management of its natural resources.


Our business practices, products and services help bring economic value that sustains our agricultural communities and lands.
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