February 16, 2024

Inntero, A New Adjuvant Technology from Innvictis Crop Care

Sprayer in young corn field

With an eye on efficiency and grower-focused-solutions, Innvictis Crop Care® announced the launch of INNTERO™, a new adjuvant technology available for the 2023 growing season.

As growers facing resistant weeds reach for more elaborate tank mixes featuring multiple modes of action and formulation types, the need for multi-functional adjuvants has never been more important. With a limited amount of space in each formulation, the adjuvant industry has been challenged to fit an effective amount of water conditioner, surfactant, deposition aid, penetrants, and others into a viable formula.

Innvictis is introducing seven unique, multi-functional, full-strength adjuvants with Inntero technology that can be applied at rates as low as one quart per 100 gallons of spray solution, or 0.25% V/V, adding improved performance in the field with convenience in handling and storage.

“The power of Inntero is in its ability to improve adjuvant formulations at a low concentration,” says Justin Greer, National Marketing Manager for Innvictis Crop Care. “Inntero has superior surfactant, penetrant, and emulsifier characteristics compared to standard agriculture adjuvants, allowing it to enhance any formulation while leaving ample space in the jug for water conditioning, acidification, deposition packages, and more.”

The resulting line of products lowers surface tension and improves droplet spreading, uptake, compatibility, and deposition at lower rates than traditional “all in one” adjuvants. This allows growers to maximize the effectiveness of their spray applications, with less waste, faster mixing time, and greater space efficiency for storing inputs.

For more information on Inntero, explore our available products.

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"The Inntero technology highlights our commitment to innovation.

We are dedicated to developing quality solutions that provide agronomic value and enhance grower experience at the farm gate."

- Nick Dame, Director of Innvictis Crop Care

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