A powerful spray system cleaner that exceeds the capabilities of ordinary tank cleaners. Delete-It emulsifies oil residues in sprayer lines and hoses while elevating rinsate pH to degrade vulnerable crop protection products. It ensures more thorough clean-outs and reduced risk of cross contamination when used in conjunction with proper sprayer cleaning technique. Rinsate solutions containing Delete-It may be disposed of on growing crops.
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Removes hard to clean residues in spray tank
Spray complex tank mixes with assurance of cleanout
Flexible accross all sprayer types
New, enhanced tank cleaner

Modes of Action

Utility Aid

States Registered

Product is registered for use in these states. Check to be sure a specific use pattern is approved in your area before use. Contact Innvictis or your local state agency for more information.


Not Registered


Delete-It Label - RD010421 Download


Delete-It Safety Data Sheet Download
Delete-It Sales Sheet Download
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