Proneva EC
Proneva EC is a long-lasting miticide that provides extended residual control under proper application. Containing hexythiazox, Proneva EC offers a differentiated product to prove effective ovicidal and immature stage control while being easy on beneficials. It is conveniently packaged in a liquid formulation for simplicity.
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Controls mites through activity on eggs and immature stages
Translaminar movement gets the active to the underside of leaves where mites reside
Differentiated product in an effective mode of action against mites
Good partner in IPM program

Active Ingredients

Hexythiazox 1 lb/gal

States Registered

Product is registered for use in these states. Check to be sure a specific use pattern is approved in your area before use. Contact Innvictis or your local state agency for more information.


Not Registered


Proneva EC Label - 071620RD081220 Download


Proneva EC Safety Data Sheet Download
Proneva EC Sales Sheet Download
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