Vexer Insecticide
Vexer offers growers effective control of hard to kill lepidopteran species (worms and moths) in specialty and row crops. Vexer is an insect growth regulator that disrupts insect growth and development, and accelerates the molting process leading to larva mortality in lepidopteran insects. This unique mode of action is a great option for a resistance management strategy and to provide residual control of hard to kill worms.
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Specifically targets and effectively controls many species of lepidopterous insects
Beneficial friendly - minimal impact on beneficial insects and insect pollinators
Excellent residual control
Great rotational option for resistance management
Enhanced insect control when mixed with Reveal Endurx® or Ravage®

Active Ingredients

Methoxyfenozide 2 lb/gal

States Registered

Product is registered for use in these states. Check to be sure a specific use pattern is approved in your area before use. Contact Innvictis or your local state agency for more information.


Not Registered


Vexer Insecticide Label - 030918RD101918 Download


Vexer Insecticide Safety Data Sheet Download
Vexer Insecticide Sales Sheet Download
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