September 14, 2023


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Making the most of fertilizer investment has always been vital to crop production, but it's even more critical in today's market conditions. Innvictis BioScience is pleased to announce the launch of Revv-uP, a new generation microbial product containing Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR), available for the 2023 growing season. Revv-uP offers improved Phosphorous utilization and availability by solubilizing Phosphorous via organic acid production, maximizing ROI.

As growers face many variables each growing season, maximizing applied fertilizer and soil nutrients has never been more important. The new era microbials in Revv-uP utilize beneficial bacterial strains to enhance phosphorous availability, leading to stronger root mass, improved plant vigor, and ultimately, increased yield potential.

Formulated with ease of use in mind, Revv-uP products can be blended with liquid fertilizer or tank-mixed and applied in-furrow, side dress, or broadcast.

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“In our small plot trials, Revv-uP has been one of the most dependable performing biological products we have evaluated. The consistency across multiple application timings, soil textures, and environments has us excited.” 

- Dr. Bobby Golden, Director of Agronomy Sales Enablement for Simplot Grower Solutions

“Revv-uP highlights our commitment to providing phosphate fertilizer to farmers long term and developing solutions that can support that promise,” said Troy Bolt, Vice President and General Manager of Retail Business for Simplot Grower Solutions. “As a family-owned, privately-held company, we can focus on delivering sustainable solutions that ensure grower success for generations to come.”




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